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Azelio AB
Providing access to clean power when and where it is needed.

Azelio is a Swedish public company in the game of improving the world. We have a solution to one of the biggest challenges facing humankind today: How to supply affordable and renewable power on demand where it is needed at all hours of the day. Combining a game-changing energy storage technology with emission free energy production, cleaner than established renewable technologies and at a lower cost than fossil alternatives.

Azelio is in an extensive expansion phase with recent installations in Sweden, Morocco and in Abu Dhabi. Several MOUs has been signed globally during 2019 and 2020 and two commercial contracts have been signed, in Sweden and in Dubai with installations during 2021. Azelio’s award-winning technology has received substantial global attention for its unique ability to store renewable energy and provide affordable and clean power on demand all hours of the day.
Yrkestitlar: Testingenjör, Konstruktör, Inköpare, Mechanical engineer, Technical analyst, Testmekaniker, Testtekniker, Modulägare, Design engineer, R&D engineer, Mechanics engineer, Software engineer, automation engineer
Verksamhetsorter: Åmål, Uddevalla, Göteborg och Stockholm
Antal anställda: 180
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