CRE8 Europe

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Are you one of the five lucky students from Karlstad University that will get the chance to participate in CRE8® Europe? Apply for CRE8® Europe on Hotspot! Visit our website for more information.

CRE8® is a model for problem-solving in a competitive form. Developed by Karlstad University, CRE8® has been successfully used to help organizations solve real life problems with the help of creative students.
In CRE8® Europe students from Norway, Romania, Spain and Sweden come together to tackle international challenges.

Four national CRE8® Europe events will be held (one in each partner country). The entire student cohort is to attend each event. Equal numbers of students will be drawn from each partner, with a good mix of institutions and disciplines represented in each team. Four teams of five students will be given a scenario with which to demonstrate their problem-solving skills. The teams will have a set time to develop and pitch their solution to a jury. These will be real world scenarios, sourced from partner alumni in companies or the public sector, who will also sit on the jury. The jury will provide feedback on the pitches and choose a winning team.
Verksamhetsorter: Norway, Romania, Spain and Sweden
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