PSIAG Scandinavia AB

Anställning Trainee Extrajobb Examensarbete
Ingenjörsvetenskap IT
7 Hållbar energi för alla 11 Hållbara städer och samhällen 12 Hållbar konsumtion och produktion

The PSI Group develops and integrates software solutions for utilities, manufacturers and infrastructure providers. PSI has a history of 50 years in the IT industry, with 2000 employees.

Within its Energy Management Sector, PSI’s highly available energy systems play a key role in ensuring a stable and dependable supply of electricity, gas, oil, heat and water in the growing energy markets. PSI Energy held its position as German market leader for energy control systems for several decades. Based on this long experience and successful business, we are now among the leading independent solution providers in Europe for monitoring and controlling complex network infrastructures.

The Swedish daughter company has been established in July 2017 to provide technical support for our business unit. The initial focus is on network-operation-as-a-service in order to support our existing customers.
Yrkestitlar: projektingenjör, programmerare, systemadministratör, projektledare mm
Verksamhetsorter: framförallt Karlstad
Antal anställda: 5
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