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Ingenjör Ekonomi IT Samhällsvetare, humanist Rättsvetenskap

Zynapp is an exciting Swedish mobile first start-up with high ambitions. We will, with our offerings, target the global world market of smartphones users and beyond. We want to grow fast. We have currently approximately 20 employees and full-time consultants in Karlstad, Stockholm and Gothenburg.
Our digital life is all over the place. On your camera, your phone, tablet, computer, memory cards, cloud services. And in a million apps. What if it was always at your fingertips? Our mission is to put you back in control of your digital life. We believe that finding, viewing and organizing your digital content can be done in a smarter and more
visual way.

Yrkestitlar: Back end utvecklare, front end utvecklare, kundsupport-service, databasutvecklare, testare mm
Verksamhetsorter: Karlstad, Stockholm, Göteborg
Antal anställda: 20
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